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Top-Notch Exterior Services

Maintaining that picture-perfect exterior in Georgetown and greater Washington, DC, often feels like a never-ending battle against Mother Nature. From stubborn gutter grime to weather-beaten paint, keeping your home’s curb appeal requires giving up more than your weekend. Whether your home needs a minor touchup, a new coat of paint, or even patio construction, our handyman exterior services are northern Virginia, southern Maryland, and D.C.’s one-stop solution for tackling those outdoor to-do chores with expertise and efficiency. Plus, our affordable prices won’t leave you hanging out to dry.

Windows & Doors

Worn or broken windows and doors detract from your home’s personality and can be a safety hazard. JW Home Improvement® does everything from minor repairs and replacements to full installations of energy-efficient doors and windows. We can also help you choose the ideal style and materials to complement your home’s architecture and boost curb appeal.

Gutter Cleaning

Those fall leaves, twigs, and debris clogging your gutters are more than just a decaying eyesore; they’re a prime source of foundation damage, water infiltration, and even pest infestations. Our thorough gutter cleaning service cleans out the leaves, debris, and pesky critters, ensuring your gutters channel water away from your home’s exterior to protect its structural integrity. We also offer gutter guards so you can say goodbye to clogged gutters.

Power Washing

Dirt, grime, and mold can build up on your siding, dulling its shine and compromising the paint’s protective barrier. With our powerful yet safe pressure washing service, our trained handyman blasts away these contaminants, revealing a vibrant surface beneath. We use the correct pressure and cleaning solutions to ensure affordable, safe, and effective cleaning for all siding materials, leaving your home sparkling like new. We also power wash:


Exterior Painting

When was the last time you painted the exterior of your home? Apart from enhancing curb appeal, painting the exterior protects against moisture, mold, mildew, and harmful UV rays from the sun. So, if your house looks old, worn out, and tired, repainting its exterior can instantly transform it from dull to stunning. At JW Home Improvement®, our professional painting service uses high-quality paints while paying meticulous attention to detail to deliver an impeccable finish that will last for years. We can also help you select the perfect colors that complement your home’s style and personality, giving it an impressive appearance that reflects your lifestyle.

Other Exterior Services

Whatever you need around the house, we can build, install, or repair it. Here are our most common exterior services:

JW Home Improvement® provides a complete range of handyman services to help you with everyday home maintenance tasks. Our skilled handymen can fix any issue and install new features, ensuring everything in your home is just how you want it. With our help, you can rediscover your love for home.

Handyman Exterior Services in Washington, DC; Bethesda, MD; Reston, VA & More

JW Home Improvement® offers a broad range of exterior services tailored to your needs and budget. We go beyond repairs by providing painting, deck staining, porch and patio enhancements, and more. We can bring your outdoor vision to life with our skills and expertise. To get started, contact JW Home Improvement® at (703) 899-3129, and our team of experts will handle the rest.

Providing world-class handyman repair and home improvement services in southern Maryland and northern Virginia and the Washington DC Metro Area, including Potomac, MD; Rockville MD; North Potomac, MD; Temple Hills, MD; Chevy Chase, MD; Oxon Hill, MD; Silver Spring, MD; Arlington, VA; Waxpool, VA; Centreville, VA; McLean, VA; Fairfax, VA; Burke, VA; Manassas, VA; and surrounding townships.


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