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Reclaim valuable space with our junk removal service

Are you tired of parking your car in the snow and ice? Is your basement filled with unwanted furniture and boxes? Or perhaps your attic is overflowing with old Christmas decorations. If you’re dealing with too much clutter in your Washington, DC, home, JW Home Improvement® can help. Our expert junk removal service is here to rescue your home with a friendly handyman and a truck ready to haul away unwanted items so you can reclaim valuable space.

Is Junk Cluttering Your Home?

Junk tends to sneak into our lives and take up valuable living space. In fact, one in four households suffers from a “clutter” problem. A survey conducted by the Huffington Post found that over 80% of respondents agreed that their homes need organization. Furthermore, clutter is a significant source of stress for more than half of households. Our handymen professionals understand this, and JW Home Improvement® is ready to help you reclaim your home, one discarded appliance or dusty box at a time.

Some household items we remove & dispose of include:

Do you have an item not on the list? Give us a call to check if we can remove it in your area.

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Most of us don’t look forward to spring cleaning chores, but with our junk removal pros doing all the work, it’s a piece of cake. Imagine opening your windows to let in the fresh air without tripping over forgotten exercise bikes, old toys, or dusty CD players. Imagine a garage transformed from a junk farm to a safe place for your cars and toys. JW Home Improvement® can make that dream a reality, leaving you with a clean, more organized, functional space.

Trash Removal

Let’s face it: not all unwanted items fit neatly into your curbside bin. Bulky furniture, outdated electronics, and yard waste can make you feel like you are drowning in clutter. Our handymen pros will rescue you, removing these bulky items responsibly and efficiently. We’re committed to eco-friendly disposal practices, so you can rest assured we keep the environment in mind.

Some household items we remove & dispose of include:

Storm Debris Cleanup

Mother Nature can leave behind a trail of destruction after a storm. Fallen branches, downed trees, and scattered debris can challenge enjoying your outdoor space. JW Home Improvement® tackles storm debris head-on, clearing your yard and restoring it to its pre-storm condition. We’ll leave your lawn pristine, ready for summer barbecues and outdoor fun.


Maximizing Your Washington, DC Home Investment

JW Home Improvement® provides a wide range of quality and affordable interior services, including:

Junk Removal near me

JW Home Improvement® provides fast junk removal at an affordable price. Let us help you reclaim your home, one decluttered corner at a time. Please get in touch with JW Home Improvement® at (703) 899-3129 to get started. Our team of professionals will take care of everything else.

We provide fast junk removal services in southern Maryland, northern Virginia and the Washington DC Metro Area, including Aspen Hill, MD; Bethesda, MD; Friendship Village, MD; Gaithersburg, MD; Germantown, MD; Alexandria, VA; Dale City, VA; Falls Church, VA; Montclair, VA; North Bethesda, MD; Reston, VA; Suitland-Silver Hill, MD; Vienna, VA; and nearby communities.


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