Get Your Home Ready for Spring With These 17 Handyman Services

The spring season is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. This is the perfect time to get your home ready for the warmer weather ahead! There are many tasks that need to be completed in order to prepare your home, and that’s where JW Home Improvement comes in. We provide a wide range of spring handyman services to help you get your home ready for spring. From power washing to gutter repair, we can take care of it all!

17 Handyman Services That JW Home Improvement Offers

No matter what handyman services you need this spring, JW Home Improvement has you covered. We’re here to help get your home ready for the warmer months ahead! Here are some of our most popular services this time of year:

Repairing and Replacing Screen Doors

Replacing old, worn-out screens with fresh new ones can help keep bugs and debris outside where they belong. In addition, repairing any damage to window frames and seals will help you save money on energy bills by making sure your home is properly insulated against the elements.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is another important service for preparing your home for springtime. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage and foundation issues. By having JW Home Improvement clean your gutters, inspect them for potential problems and make any necessary repairs, you’ll be protecting your home from potentially costly damages in the future.

Roof Repairs

Springtime often brings heavy winds that can cause major tree branches or entire trees to fall on your roof. If this has happened, having JW Home Improvement come out and make any necessary repairs can help protect against water leaks, mold growth and other issues that can be costly to repair.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Installing a ceiling fan in your home can help circulate the air and make your house feel more comfortable. If you’re looking for a new way to keep your home cool during the summer, JW Home Improvement can help with ceiling fan installations.

Pet Doors

If you have pets, adding a pet door to your home can make life much easier. JW Home Improvement offers pet door installation to allow your furry friend to come and go as they please.

Sliding Door Roller Replacement

If your sliding door isn’t opening or closing smoothly, it may be time to replace the rollers. JW Home Improvement can help you get your sliding door functioning like new with a simple roller replacement.

Power Washing

A power washing from JW Home Improvement is a great way to make sure your siding, decks and patios are ready for springtime entertaining. This task will ensure that all of your outdoor areas look their best!

Painting & Repairs

Boost the curb appeal of your home with some fresh paint and repairs from JW Home Improvement. We can tackle everything from small cosmetic touch-up jobs to large scale exterior painting projects – whatever it takes to give your home a spring makeover.

Water Damage Repair

If your home has experienced any water damage over the winter months, JW Home Improvement is here to help. We can repair water-damaged walls and floors, as well as inspect for potential future problems that could lead to further damage.

Awning Installation

If you’re looking for a way to create some shade and add extra protection from the elements, an awning installation is an ideal solution. JW Home Improvement can help make sure your awnings are installed properly and securely.

Deck Construction/Restoration

If your deck has seen better days, JW Home Improvement can help bring it back to life. If you don’t have a deck but are thinking about constructing one – we can help! Entertain your friends and family this spring in style with a beautiful, brand new deck. We specialize in deck construction and restoration, so you can be sure that your outdoor entertaining space is looking its best this spring.

Fence Repair/Replacement

Fences can become damaged over time, either due to weather or wear-and-tear. If you need your fence repaired or replaced, JW Home Improvement is here to help. We specialize in all types of fence repair and replacement services – no matter the size of your project.

Junk Removal

Springtime is the perfect time for a good clean-out. If you have any junk, debris or other unwanted items in your yard or around your home, JW Home Improvement can help with professional junk removal services. We’ll make sure everything’s taken care of quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to enjoying your home and yard!

Paver Repair

Pavers can get damaged due to extreme weather conditions, shifting soils or just regular wear-and-tear. If you need any paver repairs done in your yard or around your home, JW Home Improvement can help. We specialize in repairing pavers so that they look like new!

Play Set Installation

If you have children, adding a play set to your yard can be a great way to get them outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. JW Home Improvement can help with play set installation services so that you can get your kids outside in no time!

Porch Repair/Installation

Adding a porch to your home is a great way to create an outdoor living space that provides extra protection from the elements. JW Home Improvement can help with porch repairs or installations so you can enjoy your new outdoor oasis.

Shutter Replacement

If your shutters are faded, cracking or just need an upgrade, we can help. Replacing your shutters is a great way to upgrade the look of your home just in time for spring.

Get Ready for Spring with JW Home Improvement

No job is too small or too big for us here at JW Home Improvement! Let us help make sure that your home is ready for springtime with a variety of services performed by our experienced team. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can make your home look its best this season.

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