and conditions

REFUND POLICY:  You (Customer) may terminate this agreement before 3-business days of acceptance (cooling off period) and receive a 100% refund less a 3% processing fee.  Agreements terminated after the cooling off period but with more than 3-business days notice before the scheduled start date forfeit the deposit and are subject to an additional 3% processing fee.  Agreements terminated within 72-hours of the project start date forfeit the deposit, are subject to a 3% processing fee and 25% of the total estimated labor costs. All terminations MUST be provided in writing either by certified mail or email.  Terminations provided orally or in any other manner shall be considered invalid and customer shall be responsible for 100% of the estimated labor costs.

PRICING:  The Company makes every effort to provide accurate work hour estimates which are largely based on similar previous projects performed by company.  Factors such as wood rot, water damage, weather and others that may be indeterminable at the time of the estimate may increase the total number of hours required to complete the work.  Labor estimates are estimates only and may not reflect the actual number of work hours required. All work is billed at $153 per man hour with a four-hour job minimum (Standard Rate) unless otherwise stated by JWHI in writing.  

Travel time to the customer location is billed at the standard rate.  Additionally, all jobs are subject to a one time trip charge of $48. If trash hauling is required, a $150 charge will apply for each trip. Time required to purchase necessary materials (material fee) is considered billable time and is included in the Scope of Work’s Estimated Labor Fee. The material fee is based on a single trip. Should multiple trips be necessary to locate required materials, tools or address unforeseen issues, additional labor costs will apply.

PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  To secure your place on our job schedule, a deposit of 33% of the estimated high end full price shall be paid by credit card or check.  On the first day of the project work, a second deposit of 33% of the estimated high end full price shall be paid by credit card or check.  This is due upon the technician/s arrival.

The final invoice will reflect the actual labor hours, the deposit applications, reimbursement of any estimate fees, any discounts and product purchases made on your behalf.  This final invoice will also include a one time trip charge of $48.  If materials acquisitions fees were incurred, those will also be included on the final invoice.  Trash hauling fees are also included on this final invoice.  The final invoice is due upon receipt.

WARRANTY & PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION:  All work performed is warranted for one-year from the date the Scope of Work is completed (Completion Date) and shall be defined as the last date upon which the original Scope of Work is completed. However, should the Company be unable to perform all of the agreed upon work, for any reason, Customer agrees to pay for all incurred labor fees at a time determined by Company. Final payment is due immediately upon the Scope of Work completion.  Late payments of more than 14-days shall be subject to a 1.5% monthly late payment surcharge. Additionally, Customer will incur an additional $40 fee for all returned payments.

Customer hereby authorizes Company to bill any and all final balances due using the payment method to place the deposit or with any credit card on Customer’s file. Customer acknowledges that the origination of credit card transactions to our account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law.  This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until either: All monies owed to Company have been paid, or  both Company and Customer mutually agree to an alternative method of payment.

Customer agrees, accepts, and understands, irrevocably and without exception and without recourse, to waive all actions, rights, claims, or relationships of agency to any chargeback and/or disputed payment procedure or refund, any future payments due by the terms of the agreement whether invoked personally and/or invoked by any financial, banking, and/or any credit card institution personally and/or on its behalf with respect to any purchase initiated.

Customer agrees to all Terms & Conditions contained herein and further agrees to waive all chargeback rights and any rights granted to them by their financial institution regarding cancellation of payments.

As a fair and equitable alternative, Company may elect any conflict of payment as it relates to goods purchased and/or services provided be bindingly arbitrated, irrevocably, without exception and without recourse.

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